What's Art Therapy?

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Art making is different. It’s about getting ‘into the zone’ in your mind and letting it happen. 

     Making art is a private experience. It’s not at all like speaking or moving around. It starts inside first, then comes out as it’s supposed to - just for you. 

     If you think about it, making art is very different than talking.

     It’s not about the final picture…it’s about getting there. Making art, in a group or by yourself, is a sorta private experience.

Art Therapy is different than creating art.  In Art Therapy there is no right or wrong, it doesn’t have to look a certain way. You don’t do it with certain materials or in a certain style.  It’s just how it comes out from you… on your own terms.  

     It’s just happens from how you see it in your mind, and from your decisions about what to do - or not to do.

     And sometimes by doing this art thing … a thought occurs to you about something that you have been thinking about and now you see it in a different way.  

That’s more like Art Therapy. 

It often allows you to see things from a different point of view.  

It’s your unique personal point of view. 

And it’s beautiful that way.