Welcome - One Day at a Time

"One is too many and a thousand never enough..."

The really odd thing about using substances is that the substances seem to be telling you that you don’t have a problem - but you still have the feeling something is wrong. You suspect something you are choosing to do is getting in your way. Sometimes it seems to be a problem, and sometimes it seems okay. But you still know something isn’t right.

One Day at a Time

You'd like to find someone you can trust who can help you work this out. You've thought of counseling, but haven't found the right time or place.

You think you want to to get to a better life and be a better you. Pink Cloud Therapy can offer you a safe, stigma-free space to be your authentic self and explore your concerns without judgment.  The Pink Cloud is what happens when someone stops doing what is holding them back and they start feeling good about themselves again. It doesn't last forever, you need to do some work to keep it.  That's why we are here for you. 

About Kathy King

Licensed, independent addiction and Art Therapy practitioner for over 25 years.  Offering professional treatment using evidence based addiction treatment methods along with Art Therapy. Experience in multiple clinical settings, including individual, inpatient and outpatient settings. Worked with MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment including methadone maintenance) and in forensic areas such as prison, probation, DUI, and recovery court. 

Currently licensed in Advanced Addiction Treatment in New Jersey, California, New Mexico and nationally through IC&RC.  I am also a registered, board-certified, and licensed Art Therapist in New Jersey.