Art Therapy

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The decision to include Art Therapy in your Pink Cloud experience is a choice only you can make. You can include it or not in your counseling path. It may not be for everyone.

The field of art therapy is over 60 years old.  Some of the earliest, most comprehensive art therapy use was with the military. Today clinical Art Therapy is used effectively in a wide variety of treatment settings. In Art Therapy, a person uses his creativity and imagination to make art that expresses him\herself in a healthy and productive way. It's never about artistic talent or skill. 

The use of art may bring out strong feelings in people. For this reason, a master’s level, registered art therapist is well trained how to use art with patients. Often the creative process lets patients transcend traditional talk therapy and get right to the heart of the matter.

  • Art Therapy  can be a refreshing change for someone who is looking for something in addition to regular talk-focused therapy    
  • Art Therapy can be a great way for a person to work through the experiences, emotions and issues that have led to and worsened his addiction 
  • Art therapy is a type of expressive individual or group therapy that can help people express the thoughts and feelings that they may not be able to say with words
  • This therapy is especially helpful for people who have psychological issues related to their addiction such as a history of abuse
  • Creating art is a non-verbal process and expands the way a person can convey ideas and emotions 
  • Art therapy provides an opportunity to explore, understand and resolve issues in a person’s life that he may not feel comfortable talking about in a regular conversation