Family and Friends

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The time when a person is in the transition from active addiction to early sustained recovery is immensely difficult for family and friends. Anyone who has walked that path knows this very well. 

No matter where your loved one is in that journey, you will probably find yourself actively involved whether you want to be or not. To wish for a simpler solution is to invite frustration. We can help you resolve crisis situations that have overwhelmed your family. 

Pink Cloud Therapy is here for the friends and family of people who suffer with active addiction and those who are learning new ways to accept their loved ones progress in recovery.  It is helpful to separate the sickness of addiction from the person who suffers from it. For many, this is not easy to do.

By choosing to accept help from Pink Cloud Therapy, people find themselves in an environment where their concerns are well understood. The focus is on solutions, not the problems of the past. Your concerns are always understood as real and practical solutions created for each situation. 

Please feel free to call to talk about this further.