One Day at a Time

Try it One Day at a Time

It sounds so simple, but it is not. Considering looking at your life one day at a time creates a shift in perception that alters your awareness immediately … it’s kinda magical.  It’s also easier said than done. 

It usually happens over time. It happens because you want it to happen. It’s a choice. It also takes practice. But doing it in early recovery from substance use disorders is very helpful. At that time, there is so much to do - to fix, to change..but one day at a time can help to put it all in perspective. 

Most people find out making the change from using to not using sometimes overwhelming. The need to live one’s life on life’s terms without a chemical prop is at the very least very disturbing. It’s a challenge to breach the gap between reality and the need to untangle the mess that is your new sober life. 

This is one place where One Day at a Time works better than anything. If you can evoke it, it immediately shifts the situation to one you can manage - at least for the time being. The first trick is remembering to try it. After a while, you’ll get better at bringing it up in your mind as your favorite strategy while you are contemplating the next move in your sober life.