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Today it is common to hear people say “relapse is part of the process.” In reality relapse is serious - deadly serious. In fact, people who relapse quickly return to the life they led in active addiction with all its risks intact. Many never return to clean time or sobriety or do so after a long period of increasingly dangerous consequences in life and in health.  Time is of the essence.

The important thing is to admit you have relapsed to yourself and whoever else you want to know. You shouldn’t be judged, and you don’t have to figure out why it happened. Instead, refocus on where you want to be and get back on the path quickly. If you need to manage withdrawal symptoms, get that help immediately.  There is no judgment, only taking immediate action.

You are welcome to call Pink Cloud Therapy to help you brainstorm about your next move. You might want to go to a structured setting to support your reentry into recovery. You may want to educate yourself about Medication Assisted Treatment. You might want to take time off to minimize stressors. There are many different options on this path you choose. The important thing is to take immediate action to move into the situation where you can continue your path to recovery.